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Hate to Sew? Rib-As-You-Go!

Am I alone here? I can’t be the only one who totally dreads the part of the crochet process when I have to put down my hook and pick up a darning needle. Sewing is the. worst.

The first time I made my Seasons of Celebration Sweater (which still makes me feel all the warm and fuzzies) I made the mistake of making ALL of the crochet ribbing separately and whip stitching it to the body. ALL. OF. IT.

You guys. There's like... I dunno. A lot of it. Feet of it. It sucked.

Solution?? Rib-As-You-Go!

I have zero idea if that's the official name of the method - or if there even *is* an official name for what I do - but it's what makes sense to me, so that's what I'm calling it. Kinda like Join As You Go, and the idea is similar. You are slip stitching into the main body of the work at the end of every other row of the actual ribbing. It's a little complicated to talk through, but it's not hard to do. Promise. Check out the video. You'll see.

This method is perfect for so many applications! Top-down crochet hat patterns where you want to add a ribbed brim, cuffs of sleeves, or, if you want to, like, I dunno, make a Seasons of Celebration Sweater and you have feet of ribbed edging. ;)

The possibilities are endless! I’d love to see what applications you find for this crochet ribbing method. If you do use it, give me a tag on Instagram so we can be nerdy fiber friends together. Find me @beknotidle

Keep making, keep moving, friends.

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